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Who is the ideal franchise owner?

Do you have a passion for education?
Do you care deeply about the health and development of children?
We do, and we are looking for franchisees who share our passions!

Family Oriented

Your education and career thus far have laid the foundation. Now, with a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, you are poised to launch your own.

Business Minded

We are a family business, quite literally. Opening a LeafSpring School in your community provides a support system today's families need. And, at the same time, owning a LeafSpring School can afford you the ability to devote more time to your own family. If family is your focus, then we are a good match.

A People Person

It almost goes without saying. When your business is teaching young children, the ability to “play well with others” is an essential element.

2 Building Campus

1 Building Campus


Net Worth: minimum $2.5 million
Liquid Assets: $1 million
Net Worth: minimum $1.5 million
Liquid Assets: $750,000-$850,000

*Inquire about leasing options, which will reduce the initial cash requirement.

Let’s grow together!

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A LeafSpring School franchise requires a minimum of $750,000 cash to develop and own a two building campus. There are lease options available, however these require a minimum of $500,000 cash.