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October 4, 2018

What Makes A Happy Childcare Franchise Owner?

By Meghan McMahon

September 2018

Owning a childcare franchise isn’t like owning other small businesses. It combines the entrepreneurial drive of traditional franchise investments with the social responsibility and vocation of teaching and developing young minds. This means franchise owners need to understand that they are supporting children and helping them grow, on top of being successful at running a profitable business.

But what does it take to be a happy owner of a childcare franchise? Are there things you can look for that might help in this type of search?

Look for A Company That Adapts to Current Trends

Today, parents are more involved than ever and expect quality curriculum and programming. A successful early education franchisor is well-versed in adapting to industry trends, including:

  • Early education for all children. Childcare is no longer just about watching children while parents work, it’s about forming the building blocks of a child’s developmental and education career from an early age through play-based learning from quality teachers.
  • Environmental awareness in both the curriculum and the building. From using recycled materials to green design standards, parents are looking for schools that demonstrate a sense of responsibility to the planet.
  • On-site nursing care can give parents a piece of mind if they cannot take off work to care for their mildly ill child.
  • Technology-infused curriculum and communication between the parent/provider. Parents can now be more involved in the day-to-day decision-making and better communicate with teachers and administrators when needs change using the latest technology.
  • Safe, non-hazardous equipment that children will love playing on and parents will feel comfortable with. A great franchise will stay ahead of this curve by investing in the knowledge and equipment to stay ahead of competition.

When you research childcare franchises, companies who stay abreast of industry trends tend to have more successful, happier business owners.

Childcare Franchisors With Strong Corporate Support Have Happy Franchisees

Owning a childcare franchise means accessing a system that has been continually assessed and improved since it began. A corporate support structure and team will provide owners and operators with tools and tips to best communicate to staff and families, increase enrollment, and provide extra analysis of how curriculum and programs are implemented. Additionally, investing in an established brand means that you won’t be starting from scratch.

From a system that puts your educational director and staff in the driver’s seat to a constant flow of professional development materials and continuing training modules, a franchise model can make a business owner’s life easier and happier.

Reach Your Goals While Providing Quality Services to Families

A well-tested franchise concept can give franchise owners the opportunity to pursue their personal and professional goals. Most franchises offer professional development, accreditation and enrollment marketing assistance to franchisees, making it easier for business owners to continually improve and learn. Additionally, the processes passed down from corporate that are put in place by the franchisee give the owner more flexibility to take a step back and pursue their personal goals or even expand their business. Many franchise owners dream of having multiple locations, and partnering with a strong, well-tested brand is a great way to do that, because it gives you a clear blueprint for success at each new location you set up.

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