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October 4, 2018

Elements Of Support In Successful Early Education Franchises

By Meghan McMahon

October 2018

The childcare and early childhood education industry has reached a level of maturity making it easier to compete as part of an established brand. Franchisees have access to resources small business owners don’t have the time or money to create from scratch. One of the most important resources is a reliable corporate support structure, which is important to learn about when considering which brand to invest in.

Support Through The Franchise Model

Franchisors standardize their practices according to the processes that have been proven to be successful. That means successful early education franchises have a body of previously established knowledge which form their educational philosophies. This is knowledge that can’t necessarily be replicated by outside research because it’s based on the experiences and feedback gathered at the corporate level over time.

Extra Help Facing New Trends In Childcare

Successful early education franchises should provide each franchisee with a toolkit to help you problem solve as you grow your business and school. The success of your franchise operation depends on the quality of tools in that toolkit. This is where your choice of franchises becomes important. Below is a list of some important types of support you should look for when you get into the details offered by early education franchise opportunities.

  • Research-Based Best Practices that incorporate both publicly available research published in the academic field of education and private research reflecting the experiences of the operation itself.
  • Brand Messaging that communicates your philosophy and goals to parents in a clear way, so your operation’s quality and consistency stand out to prospective clients.
  • Training that reflects the new trends in childcare, including the increased need for drop-in and backup sick care.
  • Consistent Process Improvements that provide your staff with a clear set of procedures for tackling common challenges, as well as good communication channels for requesting help when they encounter new ones.
  • Advertising Support to ensure your school is well-known in your area and your programs are marketed as superior.
  • Standards and Practices governing the day-to-day decisions that can make or break your operation, including hygiene protocols, facility design, activity planning, equipment, safety procedures, and more.

Recruiting powerful leaders and working with established processes means you should benefit from verified data, research and best practices with less investment of your own time, because the franchise has already done the initial legwork. From support calls with a corporate operations team to the ongoing availability of marketing materials, innovative programming and operational and administrative forms, all tailored and branded to your franchise, the right toolkit will make it easier and more pleasant to run your early childhood education business.

By recruiting powerful administrative staff and leaders in your school, you can be as involved as you would like with the day to day operations, know that the quality of care and education will not be compromised. You can use this freedom to travel, pursue new goals in professional development, or even open new facilities and expand your operations.

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