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October 4, 2018

Is Childcare & Early Education The Perfect Franchise Opportunity?

By Meghan McMahon

September 2018

An investor looking to start a franchise has hundreds of industries and options to choose from. However, many franchises across multiple industries are simply looking for owners. They are not filtering potential franchisees for personal fit or passion.

The number of children ages five and under needing childcare and early childhood education is predicted to increase by seven percent in the next 20 years (1). Investing in childcare and early education opportunities can build a successful, lifelong career that brings more than just financial freedom. More than 8 million children in the U.S. have two working parents (2), so ample opportunity exists to step foot into a competitive industry that can change the lives of both children and their parents.

Narrowing the Franchise Opportunity Choices

The childcare and early education industry is competitive. Successful franchisors have a knowledge of current trends and best practices in early education, an understanding of the population statistics and a forecast of future industry growth.

Having a differentiator that is meaningful to parents, puts children first, and showcases forward-thinking can set a school or company apart from the competition. A few top trends that have emerged recently include:

  • Being more than just daycare. Providing early education from day one, teaching lessons and activities that strengthen a child’s base of skills before starting formal schooling.
  • Transparent parent and teacher communication. Digital daily notes and tools for effective staff and parent communication have come to be expected in today’s childcare market.
  • Teaching environmental responsibility in both the curriculum and daily activities.
  • Focus on health and wellness from the top down. The company should focus on keeping employees healthy and teaching these same practices to children each day.
  • On-site nursing care means parents have peace of mind knowing a mildly ill child will be cared for, ending the need to take days off from work. The nurse also works with teachers to educate children about proper health and wellness and helps teachers care for children who may have a special need or circumstance related to their health.

The Right Childcare Franchise Can be a Wonderful Beginning

We know the franchising options in this industry are plentiful. But by paying careful attention to the large and small details of each company and choosing the one that best fits your desires, you can end up owning a business you will truly enjoy.

Get more insight choosing the right education franchise opportunity by downloading our free offer: A Checklist For Choosing The Right Early Childhood Franchise.

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