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Attractive Average Unit Volume of $2.9 million per school - some of the highest in the industry!

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School Owner,

"Joining the LeafSpring family has been one of the best experiences of my professional life! After over a decade in medical sales, I needed a career shift that would allow me the opportunity to spend more time with my family, focus on different businesses and get more connected in the local community. My children have attended the school for years and they have really enjoyed having dad around more often!" -Justin, School Owner, Indianapolis

School Owners,
Texas & North Carolina

LeafSpring Schools are differentiated by a proven approach to early childhood education that is validated by more than 35 years of successful operations.

Why Us?

  • Open a franchise while leasing real estate for approximately $1 million.
  • Several building prototypes that offer you the flexibility to utilize the most suitable design for your location.
  • Comprehensive, ongoing operational support.
  • Buy into a business that is a high demand category across the country.
  • LeafSpring pioneered the concept and still incorporates medically trained professionals and on-site clinics for the mildly ill within all of our schools.
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What is it like being a LeafSpring School owner?

After the initial build of the school and hiring the right people to manage your day-to-day operations, you can enjoy:

  • Nights and weekends off.
  • Supportive relationship between the LeafSpring School leadership team & school owners.
  • Making a difference in the community by offering a high-quality early childhood education option for working parents.
LeafSpring School Interior

Additional information about what sets LeafSpring Schools apart:

Our programs include infant, toddler, Pre-K, Private Kindergarten, school-age recreation, summer camps, and backup sick childcare. We incorporate leadership development as well as health and wellness initiatives at all ages.

LeafSpring Schools provide stability and consistency for children in primary care learning groups, while individualizing the curriculum for each child. Our proprietary curriculum prepares children for secondary education from infancy in a nurturing environment that fosters a loving community at each of our schools.

LeafSpring Schools currently has 14 schools in its portfolio throughout the mid-Atlantic, Indiana, and Texas, including one corporately owned location and 13 franchise schools. LeafSpring Schools corporate office is based in Richmond, Virginia.

*The Average Unit Volume figure represents an average Average Unit Volume based on 8 schools from the 2022 LeafSpring Schools FDD.

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Currently 14 locations throughout Indiana, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.